The Finis Tempo Trainer

The powermeter for swimmers

These days, there is a lot of equipment available on the market to measure pace and heartrate while running and cycling. Recently, you can also add the power meter to the long list of must have tools for the endurance athlete. For swimmers, not to many equipment is available yet to monitor real time pacing. Yes of course, there are quite some watches available that can track your distance and pacing but in a lot of cases, this data can only be consulted after your have finished your workout or while resting.
For swimmers, a couple of seconds difference per hundred meters can make a huge difference between an easy endurance session or an intensive session and at the end you’ll not have the required training effect if you don’t swim at the right pace.
I’m using the Finis Tempo Trainer for some time now and this small tool has given me a lot of added value in my sessions as this tool is able to give you live feedback when you’re swimming.

You can use the Finis Tempo Trainer in such way that it produces a beep every time you are supposed to be at the end of the lane. This is very valuable feedback and based on your position you can adjust your pace.
Did you hear the beep before you’re at the end of the lane…you’re swimming to slow and need to increase the pace.
On the other hand, if you heared the beep after you turned, you’re swimming to fast and need to reduce the pace…..easy!
No need to look at the pool clock any longer….
There are 3 different mode’s (mode 1,2,3 obviously) and if used in mode 1 (that’s what I’m doing in 95% of times), you can adjust the time with an accuracy of 1 hundred of a second.

You need to swim a 200m at a pace of 1minute45seconds per 100m.
If you’re swimming in a 25m pool, you’ll need 105 seconds / 4 lengths = 26:25 seconds per length to get the right pace.
Adjust your tempo trainer to this value (26:25) and start swimming. 
At the 25meter point, you can already adjust the pace based on where you are at the time of the beep. If you’re at the wall, perfect you have the right pace. 

This small tool really became my favourite swimming tool.
You can also use the tool in your technique sessions. If you know your optimal stroke rate (strokes per minute) you can use the Finis Tempo Trainer in mode 3 and set your stroke rate. 
Start swimming by following the beeper and you’ll swim with your optimal stroke rate. I’m not a Finis dealer or reseller of the tool but I’m fully convinced on the added value of the tool.

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