EndurancePeakCoaching is fully managed by Filip Rigole

About me

Filip (°1970) has been active in endurance sports since the early 90-ies. He initially started with duatlon where he had a lot of top-10 places of which 2 victories. Early 2000, Filip moved to triathlon and finished in several tens of races of all distances from sprint to the full Ironman distance. He qualified for the inaugural Ironman70.3 WorldChampionship in Clearwater, Florida.
Next to these multisport events, he also ran several road races from 5 km up to the marathon.
From 2002 onwards, Filip started the coaching and he did have several qualifications and educations in the meantime.
In 2016, Filip became SwimSmooth Certified Coach.


  • Bloso Trainer B Triatlon/Duatlon (Bloso, 2013)
  • Swim Smooth Coaches Education (UK) (Swim Smooth, 2014)
  • Racing and training with a Power Meter clinic with Hunter Allen (NL)  (SMA, 2013)
  • Polarized training als methodiek voor het opbouwen van de aerobe uithouding (Bloso, 2015)
  • Clinic ‘Testing’ – interpretation of lactate testing (Back to Basics in Sports, 2014)
  • Swim Smooth Advanced Coaches Education (Perth, Australia, 2016)