Video analysis is farout the most efficient way to improve your swimming performances on a very short term.  We have one of the best video analysis'.
During the analysis process, we’re not only filming the swimmer in HighDefinition quality above and below the water , but in the same session, we analyse the data with the swimmer and teach the most important drills to improve the swimmer’s most important areas for improvement.  The full analysis, including the drills to be performed, is recorded and copied on a DVD for the swimmer to review again afterwards.

These are the different steps in the swim video analysis process :

Step 1

Swimmer is recorded during a minimum of 3 minutes while swimming. The perfectly designed camera system allows us to very easily record images from all different angles, above and below the water.

All HighDefinition quality recordings are sharp enough to avoid loosing any details.

Step 2

All recorded images are immediately analysed with the swimmer. This is a very effective way of communicating to the swimmer as we can clearly explain what and why some movements need improvement to increase efficiency and speed in the water.
After the analysis, the swimmer is pretty much aware what his focus points are to improve and he also knows how he can work towards this improvement.
The analysis takes about 20 to 30 minutes and is recorded (voice and screen). 

Step 3

After analysing the video recording, swimmer knows exactly what to do to improve. We’re not looking to re-educate the swimmer but we’re working on the items that will help every individual swimmer to further improve his own style. Every human being is different and has therefore another optimal way of swimming.
During this session we focus on the highest priorities defined in the analysis and learn the exercises. For efficiency, it’s very important that the exercises are performed in a good way and this is what we focus on during this step in the process.

To further improve the communication between the swimmer and the coach the swimmer is receiving a headset that sits under the swimming cap. Coach can easily communicate while swimming and swimmer can adjust accordingly right away. This has shown to be a very effective way of improving.

Step 4

This recording, together with some additional info that was shared during the analysis, is stored on a USB flash disk and provided to the swimmer. This can later be used as a good reference.

On top of that, the swimmer receives a 1 month free access to the SwimSmooth Guru.
The Guru contains hours of video material to improve your swim.


Pricing & Booking

A full analysis takes about 75 minutes.

Location : the analysis is done in the Public Pool of Kuurne (Nieuwenhuyse 49 - 8520 Kuurne)

In order to do this in an efficient and professional way, we always have a dedicated swim lane for our use only.

Price (all inclusive) is 125€ for the first analysis.
Swimmers returning for a second analysis (within 6 months) will pay 85€.
Use the coupon code VIDEO2 to get your price reduction for a 2nd analysis. Mis-use of this coupon code will of course be recalculated.