As an endurance athlete, you should use the time available as efficient as possible. At EndurancePeakCoaching we make sure that you’re doing the right things on the right time. If you’re really looking to improve your results, you should consider taking a coach.

We have detailed the coaching process for you to better understand what to expect.

Step 1

As a first step in the process, we need to know each other better.

To gather all the important information, I have developed a checklist that covers the main topics. The main items to discuss are your training and injury background, recent activities and performances, etc…..

Online athletes can fill this questionnaire at their convenience while local athletes discuss these topics in an intake talk with the coach with a good cup of coffee

Step 2

After collecting all the important information, the coach starts to develop a trainingplan that fits the athletes needs and matches his time schedule. This plan can work towards 1 or more specific goals or is a more global plan for athletes that don’t have a specific goal in mind.
In these plans, the season is split up in different cycli that all require a different approach.
This plan is reviewed between athlete/coach a couple of times and the final plan is the backbone for the further development of the training sessions

Step 3

Based on the in step2 agreed trainingplan the coach is now writing the individual training sessions.  Every session is defined as specific as possible and will not only contain the volume (distance) but will also contain the specific training zone’s and intensities.

The sessions are only written 1 or 2 weeks before the date to be able to fit the session to the current needs.
All sessions are shared in a specific online trainingsplatform (TrainingPeaks) and can be linked with your own e-mail and/or calendar

Step 4

After developing the training sessions, it’s now up to the athlete to perform….
Using the online trainingsplatform (TrainingPeaks), the athlete can easily upload the trainingdata. The platform is compatible with almost all sport watches (Polar, Garmin, Suunto, ….).
The coach reviews the training data and adjusts the plan if needed


Every athlete is equally important to us and deserves all our attention.
We therefore offer only 1 coaching package that is all inclusive.
Please contact us to get the latest pricing details.

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Full Coaching

Are you not into a personal coach, but you simple want some guidance how and what to train
our training plans will be for you !