Sports addict ?

And you're looking to improve your endurance and technique ?

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Regardless of your current level of fitness, I can help you achieve your goals.

SwimSmooth Certified Coach

Filip is the first (and only) SwimSmooth certified coach in Belgium.
We're offering : 1-2-1 video analysis, weekly coach swim sessions in the Swim Smooth SwimSquad, training camps, clinics...
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Personal coaching

Most athletes have limited training time and don't know how to use the time they do have effectively.  What's important is not what you could be doing but rather what you should be doing.
Avoid injuries and frustration and stop wasting your time following generic training plans or plans received from friends. Let the coach develop a plan that is build to your needs and time limitations.

We'll help you accomplish your goals.
I can provide you the custom made plan you're looking for to achieve this.

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We make sure that you’re doing the right things at the right time. If you’re looking to improve your results and achieve your goals, you should consider taking a coach.

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Training plan

We have developed a specific tool to make sure that the training plan fits in your time schedule and develops your weaknesses and maintains your strenghts.

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Performance Test

The best way to determine your specific training zones is a performance test. We offer field and lab tests for different sports. It can even done at your own home.

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Swim analysis

Using video analysis we improve your swim technique and performance. We offer a very high end solution with HD video images and improvement exercises.

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